Top 10 Dissertation Topics on Change Management

When writing a dissertation on change management, you will have to take a careful look at what you can do in your paper. There are several good topics worth taking a look at when writing a custom dissertation on this key subject.

  1. Consider how resistance occurs in the world of change management. This includes a review of how some people may refuse to stick with a plan for change.
  2. Communication is a necessity in this field. You can talk about methods of communication and how all people in the work environment can be informed of changes so everyone is on the same page.
  3. Understanding how changes in the workplace are to go about can make a difference to all people in the workplace. One topic to write about involves how people can learn about different changes and what it takes to go along with them.
  4. The speed in which a change is to take place will have to be controlled properly. You can write about how much effort needs to be put into making a change work and how quickly it should be handled in.
  5. The next topic to explore entails what causes problems with changes in the workplace to develop. You can write about the many problems that can come about ranging from employees not being used to certain plans or people disapproving of certain things.
  6. Uncertainty is a concern in change management that deserves attention. This point relates to how individuals might be unclear about what it takes to make a business run in some new way. This is especially ideal when it comes to discussing new technology.
  7. Ownership of changes is a key that entails certain parts of a business or other entity taking in much of the impact of a change. You could write about how different business segments can be directly influenced by new changes as they come along.
  8. Look into how some companies that want to make changes are not always willing to go all the way in when it comes to those changes. That is, these are entities that might be ready to handle one aspect of a change but are reluctant to work with other aspects of such a change.
  9. Individual responses should be discussed if possible. You could look into how individual members of a group might encourage others to follow the same attitudes about changes. This is especially the case when one person hates a change and tries to get others to feel the same about it.
  10. Training plans are needed to get everyone on the same page. Your plans could include a review of how individual people can be trained to handle certain ideas.

You will get more out of your dissertation on change management when you have a topic that you are comfortable with and can easily write your document on. Be certain when writing your paper that you have a sensible subject that can be researched and is relevant to the basic concept.