Sample MBA dissertation topics for undergraduate students

Although MBA courses are extremely popular around the world, due to their flexible applicability to many sectors within employment, this is also a negative for when you are composing your MBA dissertation. This is because it is much harder to stand out, and many students fall into the trap of choosing the similar topics

Topics For MBA Paper

The topic you choose for your dissertation needs to be one in which you can incorporate various research sources, as well as discuss differing opinion on the topic from various experts, especially views that differ from your own. Due to this, many students choose topics that are quite similar to each other but give them a good chance of citing a plethora of research and analyzing differing opinions. However, you do not also need to follow the herd and you can both choose an original topic that can include many research sources, as well as an analysis of varying viewpoints. The following are some sample MBA topics that you can write about:

  • Project management within the UK and India steel industry
  • What are some of the cultural issues that can arise as a result of strategic alliances?
  • How did the Olympics 2016 in Rio influence the image of Brazil worldwide?
  • The UK venture capital industry
  • How can the management of retail banking be changed?
  • How has online shopping changed the landscape of retail shopping?
  • Analysis of the UK e-retail sector
  • How rational is the behavior of the stock market?
  • How will Brexit impact both the UK and the European Union?
  • What are the theories behind outsourcing, and how do they translate into practical terms?
  • How does the automotive industry use CRM to improve customer loyalty?

As you can tell, many of these topics are based on very recent issues, so you should be able to put in many editorial opinions written on news columns, which will boost your marks.

An MBA dissertation is hard work, however by choosing a topic based on recent issues, you can be hugely successful in your paper. The main things to keep in mind is to analyze a host of different opinions, and to cite a lot of research in regards to the topic your paper is based on.