What it Takes to Make a Dissertation Literature Review

When looking to write a dissertation literature review, you have to look at what you can do to make your work stand out. Your review will be about the subject matter that you have just read and should be detailed but also sensible. There are a few essential things that must be done when writing such a review so you can create a document that stands out and offers a special look into the subject matter.

  • Use the Right Context
    You must write something based on the context of the literature you have just read. Think about how the literature you are working with relates to the topic you want to discuss. This could help you with understanding what makes your subject matter worthwhile. It especially helps you see how well the narrative or description in a project is organized.
  • Understand Relationships
    Look at how different passages, events, characters or other subjects in your literature are related to one another. Find ways to connect the relationships that all groups have to each other so you can create a work that is distinctive and reflective of any kind of subject matter you want to mention.
  • Look At New Ways of Interpretation
    You could start by taking a look at new forms of interpreting your work. Take a look at how other people have analyzed the literature you are talking about and see if you can build upon it. Try and find connections between different research works. You can use this to figure out what you want to say in as sensible of a manner as possible.
  • Choose the Right Sections to Quote
    You have to take a look at the proper sections that you want to quote. Look at whatever passages are relevant to your argument. See that the quotes you want to use are sensible and easy to understand. See that you can connect this information carefully.
    Look at the language being used in the quote as well. The language should be clear and easy to discuss. Allow the language to be reviewed carefully while staying logical to whatever point you want to introduce at a given time. The key is to show that you clearly understand whatever it is you want to discuss.
  • Consider Neutrality
    In some cases the writer might have a very specific viewpoint about the topic that person is writing about. Look at whether the writer is being neutral or if that person is siding with one group or other entity. Identify the language being used to get an idea of how well someone is talking. You could review this to see if there’s a viewpoint that needs to be shared. You could always respond to the writer’s viewpoint in your dissertation if you have a sensible topic or base you want to follow.

You should understand what you are doing when aiming to write a literature review in the best way possible. The review you complete should be a dissertation that is detailed and makes sense with regards to what you are writing about.