A Guide to Choosing Dissertation Topics

A dissertation is a hectic academic work required to be written by undergraduate or postgraduate students before graduation. A good dissertation topic needs to be chosen before any research can be carried out. A topic is regarded as "good" if it is unique and interesting to the writer. It must as well be chosen from the writer's field of study. 

Your instructor may give you suggestions as to which topic to choose based on other writers' several works. However, that's not the only available option for choosing a topic. You may choose to look through some samples of papers to get inspiration to begin your writing. You can also study the most recent work published in the broader scope of your discipline to know issues that are open to more discussions. You can as well search online for dissertation topic ideas. 

Here are samples of papers drawn from different fields of study, written by various writers. Any of these topics may inspire you. 

Macroeconomics Dissertation Topics

  • How Social Networks Contribute to the Global Economy
  • Comparing the Economies of Developed vs. Developing Countries
  • Means of Economic Forecasting and How it Impacts Business
  • The digitization of Third World Countries and its influence on World Trade
  • The Replacement of Human Labor with Robotic Labor, and its influence on World Economy

Accounting Dissertation Topics

  • Why Business Owners need an extensive knowledge of Accounting
  • The Most Effective Contemporary Fixed Asset Practices
  • Audit Influence on Big Corporations' Income
  • Risk-Based Accounting and Company's Rapid Development
  • Income Tax and Small Businesses

Applied Economics Dissertation Topics

  • The Industrial Revolution and its Influence in Merdern Economics
  • The Popularisation of Gender Studies and its influence on Labor practices in the 21st Century
  • Applied Economics and its criticisms
  • Quadratic Engel Curves and Buyer Behaviour in the Clothing Industry
  • Ease of International Migration and its Influence on Local Economies

Management Dissertation Topics

  • Unconventional HR Management Strategies for Employees' Performance
  • Review on management methods in Family businesses
  • Employee relationship dynamics and job satisfaction
  • Managing Client Relationships in the Financial Sector
  • Fortune 500 companies and their impact on the Value system
  • The Modern Workplace and Stereotypical Gender Roles

Public Administration Dissertation Topics

  • Human Rights Violations and Resolutions on a Governmental Level
  • The role od public administration in widespread homelessness
  • The Influence of Mega Corporations on Public Administration
  • The Importance Diversity in public Administration

Business Dissertation Topics

  • Trends in the Real Estate Market and the Reasons Behind it
  • How Gender Equality Influences Business Management
  • Ethical Management and Business Sustainability
  • How Globalization Impacts Leadership in Business. 

Microeconomics Research Topics

  • Free Market forces and Ther Influence in the Fashion Industry
  • The Importance of Analytics in the growth of Small Businesses
  • How local businesses can go International