Craft a Good Thesis

General Tips

Write your text.

Having a good outline, you should start composing the chapters of your paper. You may start with body chapters, like “Methodology” and “Results,” for example, so that it’s easier for you to craft a good introduction and conclusion later.

Edit your text

Once the body of your paper is written, you should check each subchapter for mistakes and inconsistencies. Make sure to eliminate all grammar errors and rewrite paragraphs, sentences, and phrases that sound awkward, ambiguous, or irrelevant to your topic.

Finalize your paper.

The last step is to make sure that your paper meets the requirements of the needed format. Craft a title page, create page headers, etc. See that in-text citations are formatted in accordance with the needed style too.

The Defense of Your Thesis

As you know, composing a dissertation is only a part of your work. You should also prepare to defend your academic project in front of a committee. For your defense, you’ll need to create a slide presentation and write an oral speech related to your paper. Obviously, you should synchronize your presentation and speech so that you can support your words with illustrative slides.

For some students, it’s very difficult to give oral speeches. In order to be better prepared for your defense, you should practice your speech and presentation regularly in front of a mirror and your family members or friends. Lastly, it’s important to understand that your committee members may have questions for you after your speech. Try to predict what questions you might be asked and come up with good answers to these questions. This should make you more confident during the defense.

In brief, to write a good dissertation, you should take all your steps in the correct order. You should select a topic first. Then, it’s needed to do your research. The next step is to create a layout for your paper. Only after all these steps, you should start writing and editing your text. If you have any problems during your work, visit your professor for advice and help.